Zombillenium: Sirius’ Business

A runner developped in two weeks in collaboration with the Belgium comics editor Dupuis.
A runner developed in two weeks in collaboration with the Belgium comics editor Dupuis. (Feb. 13, 2012 – Feb. 24, 2013)

What is Zombillenium: Sirius’ Business ?

This is a 2D runner game I made during my first year in Game Design and Management at Supinfogame. It was developed on Flash during a two-week period at Supinfogame in collaboration with the Belgium comics editor Dupuis. The game is based on the universe of one of their comics: Zombillenium.

The player embodies Sirius, a skeleton who went to a village to recover some top secret documents that had been scattered by the wind. But on his way, he gets chased on by villagers who are against the Zombillenium park where he works.

First stage of the game.
Example of level.

In this runner, the player can move on three lanes. In order to stay away from the angry mob and get back to safety (at the Zombillenium amusement park), the player must use some objects of the level and his powers to slow-down his pursuers (they are faster than his avatar). Moreover, there are some people across the road trying to stun the avatar. The player must dodge them and avoid the crowd: if the crowd touches or passes by a villager, he will join it and speed it up.
On the other hand, a number of top-secret pages have to be recovered to unlock the next level. The more pages are obtained, the higher the score gets.

Screenshot Zombillenium 2
A single villager on the top lane and a top-secret page in the middle lane.


Our team:

On this project, we were 19 students. I worked as Assistant Lead Game Designer. My job was to ensure the communication between the game design team and the other divisions. I also worked on the gameplay, the documentation and the level design. During the post mortem, I recieved congratulations from my teammates for my work during this production.

In the Management division, there were: Charle Clerc, Xavier-Alexandre Riancho and Clément Saint-Jean.

In the Game Design team, i worked with: Olivier Piveteau, Romain Coret, Galdéric Sabourin, Sophie Becam and Fabien Dolivera.

In the Programming division, there were: Sylvain Brillet and Jacques Dedeken.

And finally, in the Game Art team, we could find: Lucile Roth, Tom Victor, Myriam Dufrier, Vincent Gros, Léo Bauchy, Vincent Rabatel and Hugo Nguyen-Duc.


What I did:

  • Communication between the game design pole and the other divisions
  • Supervising playtest sessions
  • Conception of the playtest protocol
  • Game and level design
  • Writing of the GDD, the asset list and the behavior document for the enemies
  • Balancing and tweaking


What I learned from this:

This was my first experience as a Game Designer on video game, and the team was really big compared to what I was used to. I learned a lot about communication, organization and experimented a real production process.